problem with switching APC40 to Mode 1

I am trying to change the mode of my APC40 and it is not working. This is what I have set up a Translator 1= incoming trigger Project opened with outgoing action of one-shot timer "APCInit": 1000ms delay Translator 2= incoming trigger: On timer "APCInit" with outgoing action: midi message Raw midi /System Exclusive F0 47 7F 29 60 00 04 41 08 02 01 F7 then i have specific ports selected and a check mark next to AKAI APC40 midi out port what connections do i need to make in my midi router?


Translator 2 needs to send output to APC40 not Bome MIDI Translator 1.

Since you have an APC40 MKI (not MK2) the Init message should be:


F0 47 7F 73 60 00 04 42 08 01 01 F7

For MODE 2 or

F0 47 7F 73 60 00 04 41 08 01 01 F7

For mode 1

The one you are using is for APC40 MKII


Steve Caldwell
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Looks like you got it working. Great!

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