Project file to mute Synths with Irig Blueboard



I'm sharing this very simple template, but maybe it can be helpfull for some beginners like me.

  • Irig BlueBoard connected to BomeBox via bluetooth and Widi Bud
  • Synths connected to the midi DIN out of the BomeBox

When you press A, B, and C on the Irig BlueBoard, it turn the volume on or off on the midi channel 1, 3 and 2 (sic !), and the led of the BlueBoard light on or off depending on the state of the volume.



Thanks for sharing!

A suggestion:

I don’t see a default MIDI route so I’m not sure how you are getting notes through to your Synths (just volume messages from the pedal). There should probably also be an input for your keyboard with a default route to your MIDI DIN port. Maybe you are doing that outside of the project in BomeBox. I believe that in the latest firmware version of BomeBox, running a Bome Project will override any BomeBox MIDI routing so you should either add that route to the project or be prepared to re-establish it manually every time you load the project.

Again, thanks for sharing!

Steve Caldwell
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I have default route by preset :
Preset [1] In -> WidiBud, out -> WidiBud
Preset [2] In -> Widibut, out -> BomeBox DIN

But I’ve noticed that my WidiBud was not in italic. So I probably messed up with the aliases. I’ve deleted it and created a new alias.

But I have to say I’m pretty confused about routing, and also about the working method between developement in midi translator and testing on the bomebox. I’m going to create a new post for clarity.

OK, if you don’t draw a line between MIDI in and MIDI out ports in the routing section (And there is not a translator to cover it), the nothing will go through. The way you had it set up is that only things with translators will go from default input to output.


At that time I was assigning route on the bomebox.
But know I do them in presets as you explained somewhere.

I think this script is very bad :D, and can bring confusion, maybe you should delete this post !

I would love a place where all the little snippets that you give in the forum are available and organized. I think it’s a great way to learn and try to combine them to meet ones need.