Qu16 - toggle mute buttons / mute state

Hi there... I've been sidetracked from my boming with "work" :-/ ... but back into it and digging deeper into possible function for use with the Qu16. I thought I'd post this here with tags, as it was very confusing, but I've found the solution. There's possibly a better way to do this too, so posting it here may help me further! :)

HOW TO TOGGLE ON/OFF MUTES on QU16 (custom midi layer):

Qu16 sends midi note on/off messages upon button press. e.g. CH1 in midi fader layer sends:

"91 00 7F" - Note On on ch. 2 with note: 0 (0x00) and Velocity: 127 (0x7F)

"81 00 00" - Note Off on ch. 2 with note: 0 (0x00) and Velocity: 0 (0x00)

... Sending this message back to the QU16 will illuminate the light.

BUT: to de-luminate (is that a word?... "turn off"!) it needs to recieve "3F"... not zero. (That took me a long time to work out!).

As pressing the button every time will just send the same "91 01 7F 81 01 00" full value message, you need to create a toggle in the RULES for this message in Bome to send full value 7F on one press, and then "3F" on the second press (no surprises that I've paraphrased the below from another forum answer from Steve ;)...):

// Set toggle rule where "gq" is any free global variable of your choice


// Note off value is 3F (or "63")


// Note on value

if gq==1 then qq=127

That should now allow a push of the button to turn on the light; and a second push to turn it off. I'll probably now jump in further and set up timers as the outgoing message to then use these for actual midi messages (e.g. actually using them as mutes!).

Hopefully this helps someone - please do chime in if you have anything to add (or correct)...

Interesting. I\'ve never seen a controller that requires a value of 63 for off. I often see controllers that require note-on with velocity 0 however. Yet you only do this with raw translator and cannot use the Note-On outgoing action


91 00 00 - Note On Note 0 MIDI CH 2 velocity 0 (which is actually another form of note-off message in the MIDI standard).


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Yes - it confused the heck out of me, as I'd been trying raw 00 messages. Even more confusing: when in MIDI fader custom channel strip mode (where the fader control remote devices only), the mute buttons never light up and never send this off message (until you hack into it like I did). I finally found the answer by just querying a standard mute button on a normal audio channel, where I realised that it was sending a second message with value 63.  FWIW the actual audio channel mute function also requires the "63" message to turn it off (i.e. not just the "light on/light off" function).

I'm quite chuffed that I solved it to be honest!... I was mid way through a rambling forum post when I thought - "wait a second... I wonder what the standard mute button does".... :)

Quite a detective! Good job!

Just a quick additional comment here for anyone looking at this, as I've found out a little more on the topic... it's NOT 63 and only 63... I've worked out that it's ANY value of 63 or less EXCEPT for zero that will deactivate mute. 

I thought I'd checked this before, but it seems that:

00 is ignored; but a value of "1" will trigger a mute off signal as will any value in the range 1-63 will trigger mute/light/etc. "OFF"... 64-127 will trigger mute / light / etc. "ON".

Hope that clears things up :)

Interesting. Will need to keep that in mind. I’ll be most A&H products may work this way. I’ll have to see if Xone K2 does the same.