Receive MIDI in one preset and send MIDI to another Preset

I’m trying to receive a MIDI signal from an external source into MIDI Translator and trigger an action of sending another MIDI signal to another preset where those triggers send a MIDI signal to my sound system. The problems seems to be the first preset receives the signal, processes it, and send out the correct MIDI, but the other preset doesn’t. receive it. I’ve tried setting different ports on the presets and trying some routing, but it doesn’t seem to help. I guess I basically need the first preset to route the outgoing action internally in MIDI Translator to another preset, and then that preset will route an outgoing action to my sound system.

Hi @jason86 ,

With Bome MIDI Translator Virtual ports, this is not possible as one end of a Bome MT Virtual Port must be MT Pro and the other end anything but MT Pro. In general, this wouldn’t be a good idea anyway as it could make your project susceptible to MIDI loops.

With that said, probably the best way to do what you want to do is to use the first translator to set some global variable and then start a one shot timer for the second translator. The second translator would look at the global variables set in rules and take whatever action you want using them and then creating your outgoing action.

Another possibility but possibility if you are careful about MIDI loops is to use a 3rd party application for virtual MIDI ports. There are several available including:

  • Bome Network Pro - Unlimited Virtual Port Option
  • loopMIDI
  • loopBE
  • And on Mac, and IAC port.

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