Redirect usb midi to din midi

I was hoping to be able to plug into the bome a usb keyboard and that midi be redirected to the din midi out on the bome. just something simple to start. When I connect I cannot see any event or log. I have translator pro installed. If I connect the korg microkey to my pc then I can see the event.


I assume you are talking about a BomeBox. If not, then on you computer you will need a USB to MIDI adapter and then set up a route in MT Pro to that device.

For BomeBox, once you have attached both devices you should be able to see them on the BomeBox web interface. You should just go to the routing page and set your routes from there. There are tutorials on how to set up your BomeBox at the links below:

BomeBox Unpacking and Initial Setup

BomeBox Web Config Overview


In fact looking at the tutorials was the first thing I did but what I didnt know was that the devices just needed to be connected. I had connected just the keyboard first to look for incoming midi.

It behaved exactly as required with no fuss at all the device is great and thank you for assisting.

Glad to help!