request: master ignore logging

another request: the log already has checkboxes for incoming/rules/midi etc.
Can we have a new checkbox for "master ignore"?

this would be useful to debug note ONs without getting the note OFF stuff.

Right now I have one hand in the controller, and have to click the check boxes one by one to ignore what will be generated when I release the button in the controller.

thank you
PS: Something related, but less useful by itself, would be a scroll lock button for the log. 


related, the scrollbar is really small. Can you please make it larger,
I use it all the time in my debug cycle: clear log, press button controller, clear checkboxes, release button controller, go to top.

Hmm interesting idea. With all of the stuff about modifying how the log looks, maybe we should just have an option to log to a file or pipe to a process and then use an external tool do handle all of the filtering we want. By doing this, copy and paste from the log window would no necessarily be required.  You could use grep, awk, tail, etc to filter the output into the format you want.

Another idea is an outgoing check box whether to send the translators log activities to the designated log file or not. I would have them unchecked by default but then have a global option to "log all" to override this setting.  The global options would have both the default log file name and the checkbox.

The logging should probably be handled in a separate thread to provide the least amount of processing inpact to the MT Pro processing engine.



So while debugging, you could either selectivly turn a translator's logging on (for quick evaluation), or just turn all on with "log all" and let the external filtering tools handle what should be viewed.

Looks like we are going to keep Florian busy with all of these requests. I hope it keeps the creative juices flowing!


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



I appreciate your ideas as well. Definitly useful. However I prefer earlier delivery of simpler features first.