request : translator organization


I have been using and loving bomes midi translator for about 5 years
I use it to trigger keyboard shortcuts on my Launchpad mini, making the ultimate macro keyboard.
I like making little animations for each shortcut. I have attached a video of one of them, as well as a screenshot of what it looks like in BMT.

As you can see, each one becomes a huge undertaking. This one animation took 37 translators, and in a project with 40 shortcuts, a single project can exceed over 1000 translators.

I would love the ability to highlight all of these translators and minimize them into a folder (like with photoshop layers!) this would make working in a project much easier.

Ideally, there would be a way to output a midi clip. This would cut all those translators down to a single one, and could be edited much more easily in any DAW, and then exported to be used by BMT.

Currently, changing the velocity/speed/notes of any animation takes hours of meticulous editing and hoping you didn’t miss something. All note on/offs Delay’s need to be changed by the same percentage in order to change speeds.

A MIDI file trigger, combined with the ability to +add more output tabs per translator and folder organization, would make BMT much more user friendly.


Side note- is there a way to convert a midi file to “Raw MIDI” for use in BMT? I imagine this would work too



I'm not sure quite what you are asking but perhaps instead of multiple translators for each animation you can set up repeating timers with rules to control which LED lights or goes out at a given time within the animations. That way instead of editiong 1000's of translators, you could edit rules in a text file and maybe just using rules, control the animation and notes used that way.


If you need help on repeating timers, you can see an example on this board where I iteration through 64 LEDs on an APC-MINI turning all of the LED's a given color. It only requires a translator to trigger the sequence and another translator to iterate the changes in the various LED.s



hi Steve! thanks for the comment:)

typically, Launchpad light shows are done by creating a MIDI file in a piano roll, and then having a button "play" that MIDI clip, thus, outputting TONS of note on/off and velocity timings very easily,

I made a quick image in photoshop to more easily show my feature requests!

- simple folders for organization
- option to add more outgoing signals
- ability to output a MIDI file


hope this helps:) love this software!!


Hmm, so folders kind of look like request for "nested presets"?

MIDI file is like the ability for MT Pro to act as a MIDI File player?

Outgoing actions would be a list of outgoing actions in some sort of sequence?

Looks like you are a true "visionary". I will pass this request along. Personally I think the MIDI File player might be a stretch however you might be able to launch an existing MIDI file player if it would take the MIDI file name as an argument.



Hi Gremwave,
thank you very much for the kind words and for the feature proposals.
It is true that MT Pro isn't really tailored to "huge" projects. As we see more and more users creating bigger and bigger projects, multiple levels of organizing presets would be nice, indeed.

We are concurrently developing version 2 of MIDI Translator Pro, and it will allow multiple outgoing actions per translator (and multiple incoming actions). MIDI file playback is also high on the feature request list. At this point, it's unsure if that freature makes version 2, but eventually we will add it to MT Pro.

Keep the ideas coming!
Best regards,

yes, “nested” is a MUCH better way of saying it! thank you (:

I will experiment with sending signals out to a separate MIDI player, and having BMT intercept the output from that program…

that’s great to hear Florian, thanks for the reply! :slight_smile: can’t wait to use it! (let me know if you need an alpha tester)
I will let you know if I have any more ideas! I’ll be pushing this program to its limits this month:)

great! Thanks for offering to beta test. I may contact you directly.