Roland VK-8M to VB3 using MT

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See the project I posted today, 9-8-2022

I attached my latest project file.

–>Earlier project files I posted above were programmed and only checked out with the VK-8M & VB3 v1.4 on my laptop, but not with a midi keyboard.

–>The latest project file is checked out using a Roland XP-80, midi’d thru a UMC1820 to my laptop. Once I got on a full setup, there was an issue with the keyboard & VK-8M routing. I had to add Note On/Off, leslie speed and sustain pedal translators.

I’ll keep running it and checking it out to find any bugs, but this version seems pretty much like a keeper, at least with the equipment I’m using. There are a few knob and buttons not used, so there’s room to control extra functions.

The last issue I ran into was the keyboard and VK-8M needed to be mixed together connected to the UMC1820 MIDI input.   I had a Yamaha MIDI mixer to do that.   But that shouldn't be needed because the VK-8M has a MIDI thru feature,  it just has to be initiated at power up.  

 ***This project was designed for the VK-8M to control VB3,  which seems to work with all versions.   If you are using a different Hammond simulator with the VK-8M,  just edit any needed CC#'s that are different than VB3's 


PS I left some temptation in this project. Try turning on the Note On/Off-Octave functions.

Roland_VK-8M_UMC1820_VB3-v1p4_2022-9-8.bmtp (11.3 KB)

Latest Project file. Added a volume pedal to BomeMT project.

This project was written with a

  1. a MIDI keyboard (MIDI out) connected to the VK-8M (MIDI IN), and
  2. the VK-8M (MIDI Out) connected thru a “MIDI to USB” converter, to
  3. a computer’s USB port, with BomeMT Pro and VB3-II installed.
  4. The VK-8M has to be setup for MIDI Thru at every powerup.
  5. A XP-80 was used that has the capability for a leslie slow/fast pedal, sustain pedal, and a volume pedal. Typically all you need is volume and the leslie speed pedal. Most keyboards have both of those.

This project works with all versions of VB3. If anybody uses this project and has any issues, please feel free to comment here or contact me.
Roland_VK-8M_UMC1820_VB3-v1p4_2022-9-20msi.bmtp (13.1 KB)