Send MIDI signal to another computer

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I’m having a question using bome midi-translator on two different computer.

On the first computer I run bome midi-translator and Daslight DMX Software. On the second computer I want to run bome midi-translator and the Showcontroller Laser Software.

Now I want to place a midi event at the Showcontroller Laser Software that triggers a midi event. This midi event should be send from midi-translator on this computer to the second computer with midi-translator and the Daslight DMX Software to run a scene in Daslight. Both computer are in the same network and could communicate via TCP/IP.

So, is this possible with midi-translator and would must I do?
Also please let me know if I need a second bome midi-translator license for this.

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Hi, and welcome back!

To do this you will need to use Bome Network Pro or some other network MIDI protocol.

If you are running Bome MIDI Translator Pro on two computers at the same time, you will need two licenses. When purchasing Bome Network Pro, the license is good for up to 5 computers.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve,

thanks for your information.
I’ll take a look on this.


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