Send Sysex to Kiwi 106 using Korg Kontrol fader

Hey brainstrust,

Im having a bit of trouble prgramming a controller for my Kiwi 106 (modded juno 106).
I want to make a fader control the Arp divide setting. According to the creator of the synth i need to send $f0 $00 $21 $16 $60 $03 $00 $20 $xx $f7. xx goes from $00 to $0c.

My question to you is how to I get 0a 0b and 0c to be the output of a translator?
i currently have made these rules but it doesnt work.

Midi output: f0 00 21 16 60 03 00 20 pp f7

if qq<=10 then pp=0
if qq<=20 then pp=1
if qq<=30 then pp=2
if qq<=40 then pp=3
if qq<=50 then pp=4
if qq<=60 then pp=5
if qq<=70 then pp=6
if qq<=80 then pp=7
if qq<=90 then pp=8
if qq<=100 then pp=9
if qq<=110 then pp=0x0a
if qq<=120 then pp=0x0b
if qq<=127 then pp=0x0c

The actual outputs i need are different though. the first digit of pp needs to be 0 always and the second digit is changing. i know it seems simple I feel there is a way i have to be able to just write it differently and it will work.

Also any tips on sending Sysex to Juno 106? should i include a timer or a gap or somehting to help ensure i dont overwhelm it with sysex?

thanks bome lords

Hi, what you are talking about is “scaling” and is covered in this tutorial.

I’ve taken the liberty to do this for your specific case in the attached project file where I use incoming CC 0 on MIDI CH 1.

Scaling-128-13–2020-12-01.bmtp (1004 Bytes)

We are basically scaling values of 128 (0-127) to a value of 13 (0-12).

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thanks mate,
will the number 13 in the rules box output a hex command of 0c automatically? or will it out 13 in the place of pp?
it was this that i was confused by.

Well MIDI actually outputs binary. What you see in the log is just representation of the numbering system being used. So here are the values. When sending raw MIDI you always annotate in Hex

Binary 0000 - Hex 00 - Decimal 0
Binary 0001 - Hex 01 - Decimal 1

Binary 1010 - Hex 0A - Decimal 10
Binary 1011 - Hex 0B - Decimal 11
Binary 1100 - Hex 0C - Decimal 12

For completnese
1101 - 0D - 13
1110 - OE - 14
1111 - 0F - 14

0111 1111 - 7F - 127
MIDI only uses 7 bit for values the 8th bit is used to send commands
1000 xxxx - 8x - Note off
1001 xxxx - 9x - Note On
1011 xxxx - Bx - CC
In all cases the second nibble is the MIDI CH1 1-16 where 0=1 and 15=16 (numbering starting with 0)

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Also available for paid consulting services: