send Velocity Messages or Convert cc11 or cc7 to Velocity

Can MTP or Bomebox send out velocity in the range of 1 and 127 using a pedal? Or can I convert cc7 or cc11 to velocity? How do I do that? Thanks


Yes, if your pedal puts out MIDI values, MTP and BomeBox can both accept any incoming MIDI message and convert it to any outgoing message including CC messages. It can also convert different incoming messages to different outgoing messages (including velocity adjustments using rules).

What is the incoming MIDI message from your pedal and what do you need to convert to?

Note that if your pedal is an analog pedal, you (TRS connector), you would need some sort of device to convert the analog signal to a MIDI signal.

BomeBox accepts input throug both a MIDI class compliant USB connector from a device or through it’s MIDI DIN input port.

MT Pro accepts MIDI input through any MIDI interface that the host platform (Windows or Mac) supports.

If you can provide your specific input and output MIDI requirements, I could get help in ore detail.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist