Sending one CC out Two Virtual Ports to Control Two Different Parameters


Looking to re-use midi CC numbers. I've ran out and have more assigning to do. Since virtual ports out of Bome are isolated from one another, could I do this? How would the DAW on the other end interpret it? I haven't had any luck with it. Seems like Ableton sums the single CC value back together on it's end. This is my routing:

I've got two Touch OSC controllers set up (ipads), one port 8000 and one 8001. Being sent through Osculator to translate OSC into Midi. 8000 is going to Bome Virtual Port 4 and 8001 is going to Bome Virtual Port 5. Same midi channel and message for both. On Ableton's side I'm selecting both Bome Virtual Port 4 and Bome Virtual Port 5. Ableton is summing those two things together.

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Ah, maybe I misunderstood your email. Yes indeed for MIDI REMOTE parameters, Abelton will not differentiate ports for MIDI learn as far as I know. You will likely need an Ableton MIDI remote script to handle this if you want to use the same CC from multiple devices. I don't know for sure but maybe Max for Live can also handle this. 

However for track related adjustments, you can specify the incoming MIDI port and channel for a given track. Each track will only look at a given incoming MIDI port.

So if you want two of the same CC controlling different parameters from each controller, you will have to translate the CC on one controller to a different CC on the other controller in Bome MIDI Translator so that they are seen in Ableton Live remote as a different control. 

As I said, the other option would be to write a MIDI remote script for your controllers. This is kind of a pain if you don't know Python scripting however there is a site called that helps automate the task of script writing (especially if you run out of CC's).


With that said, the virtual MIDI ports coming from MT Pro are unique (unless you are merging data from multiple inputs to a single output).

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Of course you still have 16 MIDI channels to work with so you could for instance, translate controller 1 CCs to MIDI CH 1 and controller CCs to MIDI CH 2 and use the same CC number to control different parameters in Ableton Live for each. Ableton REMOTE DOES have the concept of multiple channels.