Sending patch changes to JV-1080 - Anyone?



Right again

Right on.

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Summary of MIDI messages from

Unfortunately it shows binary where

0000 = 0
0001 = 1
0010 = 2
00 11 = 3
0100 = 4
0101 = 5
0110 = 6
0111 = 7
1000 = 8
1001 = 9
1010 = A (10)
1011 = B (11)
1100 = C (12)
1101 = D ( 13)
1110 = E (14)
1111 = F (15)

So B5 hex is
1011 0101 - Binary

Could they have made it more complicated :wink:


I feel so smart now. Thanks. I’m off to save the world.

So This is the MIDI standards I would like to learn. Although I have a ‘not so great’ work around on the Bank issue, I will ‘circle back around’ to that eventually and try to dig in to find a way. I think it comes down to the device allowing bank changes. I had a very odd thing happen on the Trinity where the Bank on the display read ‘A’ but the patch stayed the same… on patch ‘B’… so if I want Horns on Bank A Program 22, if i’m currently on Bank B, the bank number will change on the Trinity display to ‘A’ and the program will say 22, but it will list Calipso or something… which is actually on ‘B’. Odd behavior.

Thanks for your help so far, I know I ask a lot here but I have to get at least 3 sets programmed in before we start giggin again. If you were in OK, i’d pay you to come over!


Let me know when the world is safe and maybe I start going out again :wink:

I’m in Portland Oregon so the driver might be a bit far for me.

Not sure what is happing where you missed the patch. probably you had another stray hex digit in there. Anything in the first hex pair that is greater then 7 is a new MIDI message.

Fx - Other (IE System Exclusive, Timing Clock, Active Sensing, Song position, Song Start …)
Ex - Ptich Bend
Dx - Channel Pressure - Aftertouch
Cx - Program Change
Bx - Control Change
Ax - Polyphonic Aftertouch (by note)
9x - Note on
8x - Note off

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Also available for paid consulting services:

Dang… that’s more useful insight. I’m writing this down. If only there was a web site thing that could harness all of this information into a single conglomeration of knowledge. My goal is simply to have the fire controlling 4 sets of about 15 songs each. Got a long way to go, but it would be nice to actually have access to going from bank and program to bank and program… also want to stack some stuff. I know of one particular song that i’ll have to stack almost everything to pull it off. I took your advice and have a midi to usb adapter on everything so that’s nice. As I said in the beginning, I need to make sure my achetecture is ‘best practice’ before devoting hours and hours of time in going down the wrong rabbit hole. I think i’m on the right path… just need a few pointers here and there. I’ll probably buy an hour of your time to look over everthing once I have the first set programmed in.

Sounds good. Let me know if you need more help.

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