Separated status window

Hi! BMT is a great programming software an has a neat programming interface. but when using BMT as a permanent routing tool in the background when making music or cutting video, I want to hide It, so I don’t get distracted. as a small feature request, a little separate status window would be awesome to put next to the daw.

or would it possible to use an external batch script from the console to receive the BMT log window messages? then you could use geektool on mac osx.!
a screenshot from geektool showing other stuff

greetings henrik

Sure, you can minimize it and use a helper application to display status. MT Pro can also send to a serial port or as you said, maybe just send keystrokes to geektool. You can also click on the maximize Icon in the log window to undock it and even put it on a separate screen. Then just check the boxes on the things you want to monitor.

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ok nice to hear!!
I will check out the log feature and the serial port also sounds nice!!

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