Set MIDI control between Bome MT Pro and cubase

ivs set a pBOME project to control plugin. it works smoothly when in standalone mode,all translator works (CC,PC and mouse click)
But when i use in cubase it only works for midi only. all mouse click not working???
i sync bome in cubase with adding a new midi track that control plugin in audio track btw.
Any idea?Thanks in advance

notuce a bit here…BOME mouse click cant capture position of plugin i opened in cubase…how come??? did i miss something here?

I’m not sure, but it seems to me that since Cubase is opening the plugin instead of Windows, maybe Cubase does not expose it to Windows or that it exposes a different control each time it opens the plugin.

If this is the case, you would need to rely on direct screen control. This might not be possible if Cubase opens the plugin in a different screen location each time.


yep… first i thought so either… perhaps its got to do with displaying plugin inside cubase thst doesnt match with i setup in bome postion click mouse… since it open inside cubase not in major display. but then after i searching bout it in the early bome forum… its just security thing (from windows i guess) … that required bome to act as sn Administrator when it comes to controlling mouse movement/click on other software. its all good know steve.
if bome==administrator then standalone =plugin vst… lol, thanks

News to me. Thanks!