Shift and CTRL keystrokes not working


I'm wondering what kind of midi message is best for translating midi to keystrokes, specifically for Shift and CTRL (which I assume require a midi message to be sent continuously on a momentary control).

I'm trying to use cc messages and it doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to get shift and CTRL working properly? I think this is problem with the midi message and the fact that it doesn't send a value for the entirety of the button press, but only on the initial press for a split second.




To achieve holding a key down, the output can be Key Down on note-on and Key Up to the same key on note-off input as two separate translators.

If you want to use CC messages you cand do the same, however use CC value of 127 for key down and CC value of 0 for key up.

Steve Caldwell

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