Simple note rotation, long note ON

Hi Steve.

I'm trying to figure how to do a simple command in continuation of this preset we worked on.

I'm now using the preset on a more simple idea, without CC# and inversion... Just sending some duplicated notes, rotating in some different rytms to differents channels.

The little problem I would like to solve is how to have a proper rotation with note ON/OFF...

For example because I send notes to some arps :

And I would like to have arps only reacting to the definished note (example ga=4-1) but having still this only note playing the arp until the next 4-1)

Can you please take a loop ? Here is the simplified file.

Thank you.




Let me see if I understand.

On the down beat (beat 1 of 4) you want the instrument to play the note but only if it is certain note like C4 (60) ? Otherwise you want it to ignore the note? The instrument would then run an arpeggiator with that note?

If so put in a rule like this in your translator that has note on ( assuming the incoming note number is pp).

if pp!=64 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

If you want to stop the arpeggiator, you would have to have a separate translator send it a note-off (with whatever trigger you want to stop it).

Something like that? If not please clarify.


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Hi Steve

Thank you for answer.

I seem to be a problem on the file because :

-note aren\'t sent as Note Off...

The problem is that I send notes from an arpegiator to other arps So Notes on/off must be specified per channels, forgotting each channel the respective 4-1 or X notes...

I would like to have each X notes the note sustaining until it meet the next X (4-1 3-1 or else) note. But Ending (off) just before it meet the new X

Because here, it\'s each time adding a new note to the Arp... As if note off is not sent just before reaching the new note

So each X note having the note sustained as a rotation but trigged off when reaching the new rotating note.

Per channel...

(PS I do not care of velocities)


Just searching to have a note counter and rotation with sustaining until the other note of the counter is trigged.

Here I have the good rotation, but the notes are superposing in the arp because previous note is note stopped just before the next one trigged...



As an exemple = Here the notes of the arp are not superposing because Note Off is diretcly sent, but I would like to have the note playing continuously until the other next note is trigged...


OK, let me describe what I think you should do.

You translator that plays on the downbeat. In rules, capture it's note number.

Add a translator before that that looks at the captured note number (from previous iteration) and send a note off for that last captured note.

So first translator is

Note off last note

Second translator is 

Note on new note capture note for next iteration.


Make sense?



I added a global variable gz as last note played.

Translator 1.4 captures it before sending note on

Translator 1.3 looks to see last note played and sends note off in preparation for the next note

Translator 0.2 was added so if you hit your computer escape key it will send a note-off to the last note played.


You had a missing line in 1.7 that I added that resulted in a hanging note 2 octave higher than that played in 1.6




Please study it carefully for the upcoming pop quiz ;-)

Steve Caldwell
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Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Up, RE ! Is the method you said me appropriated with this exemple ? Is it to just have the X rotating note long triggin until reaching other new X rotation target ?

Lol I will I promise, Thank you very much (…)
I’m pretty tired, (4am here but I think I won’t resist to try it now :))

So so so :slightly_smiling_face:
This is really interesting and powerful and really good to create polyrythms…
Thank you a lot !
Evidemment I have again some interrogations :slightly_smiling_face:
-First evident question lol :
If I want to do the same kind of thing with an other midi channel to have an other version of this system running in
parallel, can I just copy and replace
”// note counter
// How often lower (3= every 4 notes)
// last down note played
gz=-1” ?
and replace the names by other gf gd gb gy names ?
Other thing : I’ve to retry to use the escape touch to send a second note off… because if not sequences and arp will play forever…
Which is not a problem here… but maybe you have an other Idea to short a bit the sequences ? (not really important because I can play with volumes and levels etc)
Thank you again for your help and those beautiful patchs which are really givin my setup a new conqueror power :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Matthias,


In order not to trip yourself up while programming. I suggest that you keep all of your requirements in mind. Doing it piece meal like we have been doing could cause a lot of extra work since my examples are just to solve the \"current requirement\" without consideration of expanding to additional capabilities.


When I work on a complex project, I usually plan the whole thing including thinking about further expansions. Right now, I\'m just addressing one specific requirement at a time. Even with what we have done so far, there are probably ways to make the project more easily expandable. What I\'ve been doing is just providing some examples so that you can understand the concepts and apply them as you learn more.

I suggest you play around with what I\'ve sent you so far (keeping working copies of course), until you fully understand how this all works. Also reading the user manual and watching out 40+ tutorials should provide you a better understanding.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



yes I know ! Thank you for everything, I think I will contact for more further stuff I cannot program my self… I 'will need your help. I will contact you with emails.
ANyway I idid a great duplication of this “midi channel” but it’s not enough.
I will send you an email in not so long. Thank you for everything, bome is already a gamechanger …