Slow Down Output Rules

Hi, I couldn’t find a similar problem to this one.
Before you had given me a ‘dj platter’ slow down formula. I kind of want to do the same thing using a fader, but it isn’t working right.

I made a glissando machine with a tempo fader. It’s pretty cool. 1-127 input: outputs note on/delayed note off for each note, which is recognized as a MIDI #. Moving my fader up and down I can emulate gliding my hand across a piano keybed.
Cool, but now I want to limit the range to 2 octaves. Did that with the limit range formula.
But even though the new range is only 24 graduations instead of 128, it’s still outputting notes on each input. It’s way too fast for this particular experiment.
(I will be using all four faders on different drum instruments and make drum sequences with the faders). The faders output way too fast. Can I numb output so only every 4th input trigger sends a note output?

The limit range formula I have is this:
input any value pp, output note qq, velocity 100 (off is note off, velocity 0)
Range Limit

I forgot to reference the original slow down formula.
I don’t really understand it at all. How the modulo affects it, or how tt or zz are involved, so me manipulating it wasn’t doing anything.

if qq>=64 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

// number of ticks between output

// determine modulo
if gm<0 then gm=gm+64

if zz!=0 then Log “tick left”
if tt!=0 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

if zz!=0 then Log “Log Left”
if zz!=0 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action


Please find the attached.

I use ga as the current knob value and gb as the target value
I use gc as the last note value (to send note off)
I use gd as the delay between note-on
I use ge as the delay between note-off (add 10ms to note-off for last note
I use gf for the bottom of the range and gg for the top of the range
The repeating timer compares the current value to the target value and starts a timer running. The timer sends note-on at gd ms until current = target and then kills the timer
I send note-off of last note ms after note on as defined by ge

It may not be 100% perfect but should get you started.

Glissando-with-CC.bmtp (2.8 KB)

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