[SOLVED] Translator send double values, no matter the settings (HELP)


I have the similar or same problem as described here:

Simply put, all destination actions do get executed twice, or double. I've tried with RAW data as well, but no luck.

When I send the same midi data directly from the midi controller (without a translator), then it is OK.

Here I'm sending the project file. The problematic presets are those handling MIDI: 'KK Preset/Plugin/Page' and 'KK Page'.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Herein is your problem.

At the project level you have set default outputs to both Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual Out (the real port) and its alias "Bome Virtual Port 1 - Bome Virtual Port 1 -> Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual Out".

The second is an alias for the first so it sends it twice. Once to the alias which sends to the actual port, and another timer to the actual port.

Simply uncheck one or the other.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist




What an oversight on my part :frowning: You did it again, thanks a lot! Case closed.

Yeah, the reason I found it so quickly is because I’ve been there and done that way too many times. After a while, you get used to looking for this stuff. Glad I could help!