Suggestions for MT Pro v.2

Here are some features I would have found the following useful as I programmed my MT project.

  • The ability to have log file only show only results for translators that affected designated global variables, caused a jump to a designated label, etc. So, if, for example, a line of code incremented a variable or caused a jump to a labeled destination, the relevant input, rules, and output of the relevant translator would be displayed in the log window. Other results wouldn't show.
  • The ability to navigate to a preset in the preset window and translator in the translator window by clicking on a line in the log window. The relevant line in the translator properties window should then be highlighted.
  • The ability to stop execution of code at certain locations or after certain actions by placing a special command in the desired location in a translator. Is that called a trap?
  • The ability to jump to and return from subroutines. Maybe that has always been a possibility, but I haven't figured out how to do it.
  • Step by step execution of a project to aid in debugging.
  • Named global variables.. this has been mentioned by others already, I know. And more of them.
  • Incorporation of MIDIBuddy functionality. Perhaps you (Florian) and Steve have already talked this through.
  • Addition of a library of functions that are likely to be useful to MT users.

Most likely, I'll never see or benefit from the changes you do in v.2. I believe I'm done with my project. The suggestions don't extend the basic functionality of MT, but they might make for more effective programming.

I've been able to achieve everything I envisioned when I first started programming with MT. I'll be ever grateful that such a program exists.



Great input, Gabriel,
Another one I tripped over yesterday.
When you rename a preset, have MT Pro automatically, go through update all references to that preset within the project.
EG – Preset initially named "Preset A"
Several references exist as outgoing actions "Enable Preset A"
When changing the name to "Renamed Preset " , then all variables reference the new preset name.
There are a number of already request documented in the old forum but I won't repeat them here.

And for me, since I work on a lot of other people's projects, I seem to have a lot of collected aliases.
Once in a while I have to go and delete them one by one. Having a way to bulk delete them would be great. I guess I could edit the .bmts file with a standard editor.