Swapped incoming messages ...

The VST guitar RealRick has a “mute” key, which is "On" by the note 91 27 64 and "Off" by 81 27 00.
I want it to be controlled from GuitarHero joystick button.
If I do (with the joystick button)
incoming 91 7E 7F, outgoing 91 27 64
incoming 91 7E 00, outgoing 81 27 00
then everything works fine (with Pitchband wheel or without it).
But I need the muting to occur when I release button.
I change:
incoming 91 7E 00, outgoing 91 27 64
incoming 91 7E 7F, outgoing 81 27 00
and muting note occurs, but only if the Pitchbend wheel was not used during the sound of the note!
I do not understand the reason. After all, what difference does it make from which incoming message to trigger a key?
Have You idea?

Hi, it is likely that in order to achieve different notes, a single note value with pitch bend is used to achieve various notes. If you can find the note that was originally fired (for the sound, not the mute), then you could also send a note-off message for that note in addition to the mute message.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist