Timing requirements for activate/deactivate a preset


is it possible to activate or deactivate a preset in that way that it would be handled within the current activity? Confusing question … maybe … example

preset one: if trigger then activate preset two
preset two: do something with the trigger
preset three: disable preset two

So if a trigger occurs and the first preset will be called while preset two is deactivate, will then, after activating preset two within preset one, preset two be handled during the same trigger processing, or will the (re)activation of preset two happend after the current trigger processing?

I hope that my question and intention now becomes a bit more clear.

Thanks and best regards

Any triggers that occur when a preset is inactive will not process in the disabled preset (unless another trigger happens after the new preset is re-activated).

You can, however use a timer with a delay.

Preset 1
Translator 1 - Outgoing Activate Preset 2
Translator 2 - Outgoing Timer Name “My Preset2 Timer” delay 10ms
Preset 2
Translator 1 - Incoming “My Preset2 Timer” - Outgoing, whatever you
Translator 2 - Deactivate Preset 2 delay 10 ms

This may not be the most efficient way you want to do things depending on your situation. There are a lot of ways to handle this depending on the context of your situation.

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