Toggle clip view using automation shortcut in Live

Hiii, id like to toggle between alt + 1 & alt + 2 using key press A?

Basically Live clip view has its own shortcuts, id be supper happy to use the same shortcut for both using A.

its a fairly basic one today👍Thanks.

Im guessing i could use a condition with a midi message but i dont understand pp qq rr stuff yet?

Hi, and welcome back!

The following has both methods. I recommend using the incoming MIDI message method as with the keystroke method the incoming keystroke is not suppressed although it will send the outgoing keystrokes. Outgoing keystrokes will always go to the currently focused application.

The rules are simple, we toggle the value of global variable ga and then we each translator will only fire alternately depending on the value of ga.

// Toggle the value of ga


if ga==0 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

Alt1-Alt2-2022-01-16.bmtp (1.8 KB)

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wow awesome.Thats so cool, iv used js before but never looked closer at the conditional statements in miditranslator.

I really dont understand the pp qq stuff tbh are they variables or do they have a relative midi value?

So live 11 has 3 tabs could i modulo % the value of ga? i tried to duplicate alt+2 to create alt+3 but didnt work?

Thanks for your replies its a massive hack useing this tool for ui and launching devices in live.Litrlly use it for everything.Would be good to see some tuts for conditionals?

Hi yes, modulo works. Every keystroke output currently needs a different translator. For me I don’t do modulo though I just do this.

// increment ga
//keep within limits (0-2 in this case)
if ga==3 then ga=0

the variables oo,pp, qq, rr, ss,tt,uu,vv,ww and xx are local variables meaning

  1. They can be used independently in translators without worring about name collision for the most part, however two translator with the exact same incoming trigger will share them.
  2. They have an undefined value unless you define the value in rules or the incoming trigger
  3. They are only available within the translator, after that they no longer exist (for that incoming trigger

So anything that needs static values, you need to use global variables and anything that needs to be shared with other translators need global variable.

I typically use local variables as temporary variables and to avoid name collision.

You can read about variables (an other stuff) in the MT Pro users guide which is in PDF form and you can view buy pressing F1 within Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:
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Legend!!! This sounds supper powerful.Ill definitely take a read of the docs tonight.

Appreciate the support again Steve​:+1::+1::beers::beers:.

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