Trigger Alert when Participant Drops

Using TranslatorPro - Can it detect what Participants are on (or in my case, missing) from a Session?

I’ve got several computers connected to the same and individual MIDI Sessions.

Looking for a way to trigger action when a computer drops off the MIDI Participant list. The Session and Ports are still open but the connection is lost. I know that Audio/Midi setup will show a dialog box when that happens but I wanted to trigger a script that would send an alert. Really, it’s a dead man switch.

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If the host operating system is holding the port open when the remote host drops, there may not be much you can do. Since you are talking about sessions, I assume you are running RTP-MIDI.

However, there are incoming triggers in MT Pro 1.9.0 that allow notification for the following


I’m attaching an example. For Bome Network Pro, this should work with Remote MIDI Direct Ports.

Other than that, about the best you can hope for is:

If the device sends periodic Active Sensing or Clock messages, you can detect when they stop.
Some MIDI devices respond to the following SysEX with their ID. You could poll devices that support this and if you don’t get a response, you would know it is not available:

F0 7E 7F 06 01 F7

Here is an example of the first solution, where I was using Bome Network Remote MIDI Direct Ports.

Drop-Notification-2021-11-09.bmtp (1.7 KB)

P.S. Keep in mind that remote network devices may or may not send some of these notifications. I tested some with Bome Network and if you set the following option then it notifies when a port drops or comes back on line, but if you do not, it just always shows open as long as there is a network connection at all.

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