Trouble loading/selecting projects Bomebox



I have recently purchased the Bomebox. I have constant trouble selecting or changing Projects.


Every time I select a project on the "Midi Translator Project" of the browser, it is highlighted in green, so far so good.

But when I change to the "midi ports" page, it says "current project [no project]".


Eventually, every project I select will load properly and allow me to select midi ports.

But this usually involves selecting the project, waiting 5 minutes or so then powering the Bomebox off then on again. Sometimes I have to do this several times.


When I get a yellow dialogue box telling me I need to select midi ports or certain midi devices need to be plugged in, that is usually a good sign that the project has been properly selected. Then when I go to the "midi ports" the project is selected. But sometimes those yellow dialogue boxes disappear as I am trying to configure midi ports and the "current project [no project]" returns in the top left of the screen.


I have tried using the USB power supply I got with my 1010 music Blackbox. It is 2.5 amps. Otherwise I am using powered USB hubs of at least 2 amps. The Bomebox is not powering down, it doesn't seem to be an obvious power issue.


Once a project has been successfully selected, it usually loads when I power up the Bomebox, without having to use the computer to select it again.


However recently, even once I have successfully got a project working by messing about on the Web browser, no project is selected after I power the Bomebox off then on again.


The projects I am making are around 500 to 700 kb. Is there a limit on the size of project that can be reliably selected on the Bomebox?

Is there something specific I have to do to make a project load automatically when I power up the Bomebox?


I'm wondering if this is all a browser cache issue and if your browser is not reporting the correct state of the BomeBox. What browser are you using?  

You should be able to test my theory by going into private mode with your browser and see if issue persists. Either that or clear your browswer cache. What version of firmware are you running on your BomeBox? On BomeBox power, are you using consistent power or does your hub  and or 1010 blackbox have "charging" ports. Typically charging ports do not provide consistent power but nothing you are describing indicates this. Usually inconsistent power will result in the BomeBox restarting itself periodically, but not always.  Sometimes it might also result in "strange" or "intermittant" behavior.

I'm happy to try and load your project on a BomeBox here and see if I can duplicate the issue on another BomeBox.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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