Trying first time configuration, I won't refuse a bit of help...

Hi, sorry to post such a topic but I'm totally lost at getting out anything consistent of Bomebox and MTP.

I've updated to latest firmware.

I've manage to connect a mpd218 to the bomebox and getting it recognized in the web config.But I absolutely did not understand why it finally appeared in MTP ten minutes later.... Is it related to routes or connections ?

As I'm writing this, the mpd is connected to the box, when I tap the pads the bome led is flashing but it is labelled as "pending" in MTP. I tried to refresh midi devices but it seems to do absolutely nothing...After closing MTP and reopen it is now labelled as disconnected...Of course clicking on it bring it back to pending...

Same behaviour with other controllers.

What is the difference between routes in Network and Routes in MTP ? If I understood correctly routes in network are "default" and MTP project overwrites those ?

My main issue though is I don't manage to get din input and output to work...

I have a midi cable going in coming from a pyramid. I would like to route this to the midi dyn out. If I make a route in Network ( Din in to din out ), I can get the midi to pass through and the synth is playing as expected.

In MTP though, I cannot monitor anything, nothing shows in the log or event monitor ( synth is playing normally though ) If I cut the route in network and try to connect in MTP nothing happens anymore, synth stop playing.

When the mpd was recognized, I managed to make a simple translator to convert incoming midi notes to another channel which according to event and log windows was working as expected but nothing actually output out of the din...

I am probably missing the obvious here but a litle help would be greatly appreciated.While watching tutorial videos everything seemed so smooth and simple and I'm now seem to struggle with spelling my own name...

Thanks a lot for your help.



Hi, I’m struggling a bit with what you are trying to do. Please see my attempt and your configuration (attached picture).


Are you trying to send MIDI from MPD218 to MT Pro via BomeNetwork? Is there a target application on the attached computer you want the MIDI messages to go to and from the MPD218?

When sending to the Pyramid, what device or application are you sending from?

When receiving from the Pyramid, what device or application to you want to send to?

Now for some of your questions.

Without a project file loaded on BomeBox, all known MIDI devices are generally routed to all other MIDI devices, however you can change this in the MIDI routing page on the BomeBox. If you load an MT Pro project file on the BomeBox, the BomeBox will use the routes in the project file instead. I typically use aliases in my project file as actual device names on the computer may be different than BomeBox and then I can just use those aliases to assign the correct device.

For Bome Network connectivity via Wifi, you need to establish a link between the BomeBox and the computer. Either device can start this process. On BomeBox you would press WiFI and it will start flashing. Then you go to your computer BomeNetwork tool and confirm the connection there. You can also start the connection process using BomeNetwork tool and then use the Web Config of your BomeBox to confirm the connection.

Your BomeBox will see your computer name as the MIDI device for the connection. The Computer will see your BomeBox device name as the MIDI device. For Instance my BomeBox Name is “BomeBox Steve” and computer name is “Computer Steve”. My BomeBox sees MIDI ports both input and output called “Computer Steve” and my Computer sees MIDI ports both input and output called “BomeBox Steve”. Unless this connection is confirmed between the two devices, you will not pass MIDI between the devices over WiFi.

Of course MT Pro will only see and log MIDI message that are passing through it so if you have a route set on your BomeBox that sends directly from one device to another without passing through MT Pro, you will not see it with MT Pro. Local device names on your BomeBox are not passed to MT Pro. All devices you are routing to your computer will be in a single MIDI stream and include whatever devices you are routing to computer.

I hope this helps!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



Hi Steve, thanks for the answer.

For now I have no specific configuration I’m specifically trying to achieve. I’m just trying to get the basic using a simple configuration.

I managed to achieve a simple Octaver/channel switcher in MTP and bitwig and I just want to replicate this with physical inputs on the bome box.

My two main problems are :

I do not manage to have the open channels in network to be visible in the bome box. I just try, to refresh, delete, reset and stuff but I do not understand how I can “force” MTP to see avaliable ports…Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don’t. I might be missing something here.

Second problem is that I can’t see incoming midi from din ( when it is present !) in MTP. Led flashes but I can’t monitor anything be it in the log or event window. It seems that anything coming from the din in is ignored by MTP. If I set a route din in to din out in network midi passes trough as expected.

Thanks a lot.

From MTP you will only see one input port and one output port (named whatever your BomeBox name is). You will not see remote port names from MTP. In order to monitor inputs from you BomeBox Ports, you need to route each of your ports you are monitoring to the Network MIDI port monitored by MTP. If you have different ports attached to your BomeBox that use the same MIDI channel, you will not be able to distinguish which port the MIDI message is originating from. Only one network port is exposed to your computer from BomeBox vie Bome Network, not all of the locally attached devices on your BomeBox.

To see MIDI input coming from your BomeBox DIN port, you need to route your BomeBox DIN input to your Computer Network Port. Then you will see it (along with any other devices routed to the Computer Network Port.

As far as I know, exposing multiple MIDI streams from your BomeBox is in the future plans but it is not there yet. Just one network port per attached device (be it BomeBox or a given computer).

In the meantime, there is a workaround I have devised by converting incomingMIDI messages on BomeBox to SysEx which I add information on which port it is coming from on the BomeBox and then using MT Pro on the receiving end to reassmble the MIDI message from Sysex directing it to a given port. It is kind of a way to tunnel the various MIDI streams through the one available Network MIDI port and then redistribute the output on the receiving end.
If interested, I’ll see if I can find a reference to how it is done, however this technique is a bit advanced so if you have a particular configuration in mind, there may be a simpler way to accomplish your needs.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Hi Steve, thanks for your message ! Now I understood what I missed ! Things seem to make more sense now. And I’ve been able to achieve something that works, power comes at a cost I see !

If I resume I route all connections needed to computer and from computer to out, set up all the translators I need in MTP, dispatching channels and stuffs and save the file. I then upload project to the box, reaffect the missing connections and Bome Box goes standalone.

Thanks a lot for your time, your help has been really precious !

Glad to help!

Yes, I always develop my projects using MT Pro (with aliases) and use the log file to help troubleshoot. Then I upload to BomeBox to run standalone without a computer (assigning the aliases on the BomeBox).


One last question :

When my mpd 218 is connected to the bomebox usb in. If I hit both 16 pads at once, midi note hangs and usb port stop responding. Mpd is still powered but pads do not emit light anymore.

Other ports seem to continue working normally.
Need to reboot the box to get back to normal operation.

I tried Same operation with a xkey 37 and nothing wrong happens, I can hit the 37 keys alltogether without any problem…

I tried same thing with mpd and another device and nothing special.

Could it be a nasty hidden mpd bug only affecting bomebox operation ?

It is possible that the MPD draw more power than the recommended 500ma current that the USB spec calls for. You might want to hook up your MPD through a power USB hub. If you already have it hooked up through powered USB hub, try a different ports, some USB hubs have “charging ports” that provide variable power instead of consistent power for fast charging USB devices.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist