Trying to send repeated data which pressing a key

Trying to configure a key on a MIDI Controller to send repeated datas, in order to simulate a slider function with two keys
(for example:
one key for “+”
one key for “-”

I assign a key to a keystroke , this keystroke sends a “+” function in an app.
Works well.
But if I want more “+”, I need to press this key again and again. This is what I’d like to avoid.

What I’d like to do, is to be able, while maintaining this key pressed down, to have the app understanding “++++++++ etc…” until I release this key.

Any thougts?

Sure, what is the incoming MIDI message? There are a few ways to do this.

  1. Using computer key repeat rate
  2. Using a timer in Bome MIDI Translator Pro

For scenario 1 you set up key repeat as the outgoing action with a key-down action of + when you press your MIDI controller button. Then when you release the button you have another translator that sets a key-up action of +.

For scenario 2 you set a repeating timer when you press the button. The timer, which is a separate translator, sends the full + down and up keystrokes at the interval you set in the repeating timer. When you release the button the outgoing action is to kill the timer thereby stopping the outgoing keystrokes.

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