Up and running in v1.84, but I've lost my aliases

I had to delete the files in the Program Files (x86) BMT jre folder, in order to update to v1.84, but I guess those deletions got rid of my aliases. Is there an easy way to reinstate them? There are a lot of them... I hope I don't have to redo them all manually.

I do have all files backed up on the cloud and also a fairly recent clone, so I can probably find the relevant files if you tell me what they might be.

Wait, Steve. I think it’s not as bad as it seems. The bmtp files seem to remember what the alias names are and I just have to remap them. If it turns out to be a problem I’ll get back in touch.

They would be in your %APPDATA% folder if you backed it up and would be in the form of a .bmts file I believe. Once you define them all again, they will be remembered unless you clear them through the reset alias tool or delete the .bmts files.

I kind of have a different problem. I usually create aliases for other people to try and help their lives easier. I then end up with a bunch of aliases I don’t want so I go through about once a week and clear them out. The side affect is when I open one of the old project files I created, I’m then re-prompted for them again. But I’d rather just redefine them anyway.


Yes, you will be re-prompted for them once. Once you define them again, they will again be remembered.



I did delete everything in the appdata folder, but have it backed up. So, if I reinstate the files (there are a bunch of them in there), I’ll have everything mapped to the correct aliases?

I would just look for the .bmts file with the latest modify time/date. Personally I think it would be easier just to re-define them as you open your project files.


just to clarify: normally, an upgrade of MT Pro will not remove alias definitions. You can seamlessly continue to work.
If you had removed the settings .bmts file, you will have lost your aliases, but if you have a backup, you can get them back by closing MT Pro, restoring the .bmts file, and starting MT Pro again.