USB-MIDI connection ﹰBomebox/BCF2000


I've connected my MIDI controller (BCF2000) to my Bomebox USB 2.0 host port. But it sends no MIDI to the Bomebox (no flashing LED). I've checked the following:

- Bomebox does receive on DIN port, network port and wireless with the Network tool.

-BCF instantly works when connecting to PC.

- It is in the right configuration (it does successfully send over DIN)

- it says in the manual it's class compliant.

Am I trying something that isn't supposed to work? I was under the impression that it should be possible to have the Bomebox as an USB host for MIDI transfer for these kind of devices.


Have you set up your MIDI routes?
Please review the below tutorial. You will need to ensure there is a route set up from your USB port to either another connected device or to the network MIDI.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


When you look at devices on the web page, does it show the BCF2000? The flashing LED is only for the DIN port.


The flashing LED is only for the DIN port.

Well that explains. I do see an USB BCF2000 device in the Bomebox routing page. I just thought it was not doing anything because of the LED.

I will set this up properly in the evening and see that i can send some MIDI to my PC to verify whether it works.


Allright I got it working in 5 minutes after opening & connecting the right ports. Sends and receives MIDI flawlessly.

Thanks again!

Super, glad to help!