USB MIDI device not recognised by BomeBox

I have an issue with a my new BomeBox not recognising a BOSS RC-202 Loop Station connected by USB that I am hoping someone can assist with please.

I have done some troubleshooting as below:

  • My MTP project uploads and functions as expected (with the one exception being the RC-202 USB MIDI)
  • Two other USB devices (Launchpad Pro and Launch Control) are recognised under MIDI ports and allow alias mapping as expected
  • The RC-202 is not being listed under MIDI Input or MIDI Output as a USB port or by name
  • The RC-202 has its own power, and I have tested as the sole device connected directly to the BomeBox USB port
  • I have tested with multiple USB cables
  • The RC-202 connects by USB without issue to a Windows 10 laptop, it shows up in MTP in both Input and Output by its name, and functions with my project without issue
  • The RC-202 connects to the BomeBox MIDI Out DIN without issue and functions as expected (unfortunately not a solution as I need the MIDI Out DIN for non-USB enabled device)
  • The RC-202 is configured in USB audio/MIDI mode, not mass storage mode
  • Using USBDeview I can see the the USB Class of the RC-202 is FF and USB Protocol is 00 (the devices that are working with the BomeBox have a USB Class of 00)

Hi, I believe the Boss RC-202 is not MIDI class compliant. On Windows, it automatically downloads the Boss driver, however this driver is not available for BomeBox

Your only recourse would be to use MIDI DIN and if you need more DIN ports on your BomeBox get a USB to DIN converter box for the other devices.

Here is a post of other users running into this issue on other non-Windows/Mac devices.

In general, if a driver is necessary, it is likely not class compliant.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thank You Steve for the fast response.

Great product and great support!

You are welcome James!