USB powered hub connection novation products

In my efforts to use my bomeboxes for experimentation. I have just purchased the launchpad pro and control xl mk2. I am using a powered dlink hub which is connected to the bomebox. if i plug in either device alone the box receives midi if I touch a control. If I connect both launch pad pro and launch control I only receive from one device.


I am sure I saw you do this setup with a powered hub and connected devices at at a namm show.

I have tried two different powered usb hubs but neither work. midi still only is received from one device

I am guessing you have these novation products as I see them mentioned from time to time in the MT pro software threads.

Help would be appreciated.

Do both controllers appear in the web config’s MIDI Ports page? Have you set up MIDI Routes for your controllers? Where do you “receive” the MIDI stream?

Are you also powering BomeBox with the hub? If so, please ensure you are not using a charging port. The older DLINK hubs charging ports are the last two on the right (looking at from the port site). I believe the newer ones have all the ports as charging ports which would be problematic for the BomeBox as it requires consistent power and charging ports tend to alter their current depending on the draw from the connected device.

I’m wondering if this could also be a problem for some other USB powered devices.



yes and yes and now it works fine.

ok the messages from the moderators directed me where to look. routing was the issue. now where the bomes might come into play.

The SE02 receives the notes from the launchpad and cc message from the launchcontrol xl fine. The SE02 appears to only start the sequencer when I play the km25 keyboard despite the settings being changed. anyway if I cant resolve that I think I can get the MT pro to send a start command when I press a note. Thats for another thread maybe, for now my aim is to now send this usb data wirelessly to the other bomebox which is in turn connected to a motu midi express xt. with that I can connect to any device with usb too and program the bomes as I need.

These are very powerful devices.

Thank you to you all for replying so quickly. It gets me over each learning curve.


No too eliminate power issues for now the bomes are powered by their in wall adaptors as are the usb hubs. When Ive got everything settle down I will see what I can do about less things plugged in, I know so far the bomes will function with the pc usb leads very well.