Use Bome Box as a MIDI translator / Mangler?

I have a Nord Drum 3P from Clavia that only sends notes on one global channel (e.g. 16) and then MIDI notes 60, 62, 64, 65, 67 and 69 for the drum pads 1-6. It doesn’t send notes on individual channels, only parameter changes. So even if I set pad 1-6 to receive notes on MIDI channels 10-15, the pads will not send any notes on these channels.

I have a Polyend Seq that can record what I play, but … only when I use the global channel for MIDI out. So when I set track 1 on the Seq to receive notes on MIDI 16, it records a note for ALL 6 pads I play on the drum pad. It can’t distinguish between MIDI notes 60-69 to route them to different tracks.

So my questions is: can I set the Bome Box to receive a MIDI notes on a channel and then forward that to another channel for the Seq:

  • receive note 60 on channel 16 and send it to channel 10
  • receive note 62 on channel 16 and send it to channel 11
  • receive note 64 on channel 16 and send it to channel 12
  • receive note 65 on channel 16 and send it to channel 13
  • receive note 67 on channel 16 and send it to channel 14
  • receive note 69 on channel 16 and send it to channel 15

Bonus question: the root note on the Nord Drum is always C3, wouldn’t that be MIDI note 36 then?

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The BomeBox by itself only provides simple MIDI routing and no translator, however if you also purchase Bome MIDI Translator Pro, you can develop your project on a PC or Mac and then upload it to BomeBox for execution. With that, you can indeed direct different notes to different MIDI channels or even to different attached MIDI devices.

If you want to give it a try on a computer, first you can download the free trial copy of Bome MIDI Translator Pro and run it through your computer for testing. Once you are satisfied that it will work, then you can decide whether you want to run the project on a BomeBox which will require a full purchased version of Bome MIDI Translator Pro. The free trial copy will time out every 20 minutes otherwise is fully functional on PC or Mac.

Steve Caldwell
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Oh, I wasn’t even aware that the app cost anything, I’m so used to free apps that come with synths and pedals and sequencers as they’re pretty much a prerequisite to get the most out of your hardware that I considered Bome MIDI Translator Pro a free part that comes with purchasing the hardware :flushed: Are there free 3rd party apps available to use the Bome Box right, as intended, even if they’re more clumsy? Seeing that the Bome Box really costs 258 € with the app instead of 199 € puts it closer to the price range of the Lap4Music Sipario which seems to be much more accessible.

Yes, this is clearly stated on the BomeBox web page. The Lab4Music seems interesting but I’m not sure if it can do the MIDI Transformations that BomeBox can do. It is hard to tell from their web site. It looks more like a MIDI router than a translator. I also did not see any MIDI networking capabilities but maybe I’'m wrong. It looks like it is more expensive than the BomeBox with MT Pro. I suppose ultimately the purchase decision is up to you.

Thanks for stopping by!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Hi g3cd, thanks for considering the BomeBox and MIDI Translator Pro.

You’re absolutely right that on first impression, it can seem odd that “the editor for the BomeBox” costs additional money.

The reason for that is that MIDI Translator Pro is not just made for the BomeBox. Both the software and the BomeBox can be used very well individually:

There are many owners of the BomeBox which don’t use MIDI Translator Pro, because they only need the flexible MIDI routing, WiFi, Ethernet, and/or USB host functionality.

Conversely, Bome MIDI Translator Pro is used a lot on its own as a desktop MIDI translation, processing, and routing software.

Last, but not least, the BomeBox is priced very competitively, so we would be required to make it more expensive if we included a MIDI Translator Pro license with it.

Having said all that, on request via contact form, we may offer bundle pricing when purchasing both at once in our own Bome web shop.

I hope that explains some more. Thanks!

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