Use midi keyboard to aim in fps

hello, I been trying to translate a keystroke to move the mouse and i had no sucess, i watched the advanced midi controller to mouse tutorial but i am new so i literally can’t understand it, could someone send me a file being able to control my mouse with a piano keystrokes?


For keystroke to mouse translation it might not work if it is a computer keystroke s the original keystroke will be suppressed. If it is a MIDI keyboard to mouse move translation, I can help you there. Tell me which keys you are using on your MIDI keyboard and how you want your mouse to move.

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thanks for fast reply, this video is how i want it to look like in a fps game. his aim is moving a bit in a direction when he presses a key, Warzone, but im using the wrong Keyboard... (piano) - YouTube

the keys i want to use are
B4 for looking left
C5 for looking down
C#5 for looking up
D5 for looking right


Hi, the following should get you started. I set the global variable ga to the movement amount at project start. Right now it is set to 50 in each direction. You can also reset ga by hitting the computer escape key. (if MT Pro is not focused)
The translators in preset number 1 (second preset) move the mouse in the right direction. If it is the wrong octave you will need to adjust the incoming MIDI messages there is really no standard in MIDI for the octave number so I went with the way Bome assigns Octaves.

MIDI-Keyboard-to-Mouse-Movement.bmtp (1.9 KB)

Set the alias “My Keyboard” to your incoming keyboard. Mine is an Xkey37. You will initially be prompted when you open the project. after that if you want to change it, you use the MIDI → Edit Project Port Aliases menu.


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Hello, sorry to bother you

I’m using your file and its just not working for some reason it isn’t moving the cursor or mouse at all, i checked the input is my piano, the event monitor detects my piano keyboard but its just not translating for some reason, they are all on active too. Am i supposed to select a midi output port? I am completely lost…

Hi, no bother at all.

No but your application needs to be active and have focus. Some applications that are java based will not recognize mouse movements so it might be your gaming application. If you focus on a different window like a browser or something, you should be able to see your mouse move. If it is moving then the issue will be your gaming application. Also try the next octave up or down just in case the MIDI octave numbers are different than the way Bome MT Pro defines them.

You can display the log window as shown below to see if you are getting any MIDI IN or sending mouse movements out.

Here is a link to the demo video.

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Hello, thank you, yes the cursor does move when im not in the game, is there another setting to be able to make it work? its workign in minecraft, do you know if it’ll work in the game, valorant? its not working in valorant currently

Sorry, some games do not allow virtual mouse input. It really depends on the game.

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i see, thank you for all of your help!

just bumped into this thread, never thought it could be real, lol
I’m gonna try and share the result!

UPD: I managed to do it with my Akai MiniLab! Wow

Great to hear @haley.bennett !

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