Using Bome with Musescore and digital piano

Hi, im very new to this and havent a clue why i cant get this problem solved.
Problem 1
I cant here my digital piano when Muscore is open as that software is using my audi driver. Ive gone to settings and made my piano as the out put but still cant hear anything.
what i would love to do is be able to listen to musescore then play it back on my piano with the sound coming from the comp just like it does with musescore.
i have purchased bome middi translator which should allow both piano and musescore to be heard but cant work out how to do it ?
ive looked at all instructions but im blown away ! can someone help Pleeeaaassseee !

OK, this is how I set mine up. I'm using MuseScore 2 because MuseScore 3 just crashes on my system.

The first picture is a snapshot of MuseScore I/O preferences. You see I'm getting input from BMT 1

The second is from my MIDI keyboard AKAIPRO APCKey 25. I have it connected through Bome MIDI Translator with a thru route to Bome MIDI Translator Virtual 1 port which is what MuseScore sees as BMT 1

In this case both MuseScore and my keyboard can be heard from the sound engine on my computer which is my MME driver.






Hi, I confirmed that V3 also has a MIDI Out function if you want to use external keyboard. You will have to mute your PC though. Your external keyboard would accept MIDI in but needs its own sound engine. For multiple instruments, you might need to use MT Pro to direct various instruments to different channels. I think the Software randomly assigns channels.

Many Thanks for your time and great discription. Ive managed to do it your way and it works. theres a bit of latency but i can't alter that in musescore as its already on zero. But its miles better than what I had.

cheers once again !