Vaddio Production View HD - MIDI TO SERIAL commands

Thanks for all the help.
I will be back over there Sunday and will try your suggestions.
I think we are getting closer!

My pleasure, Simeon! Keep us informed. I’m sure with a bit of effort we will be able to make it work. Also you might want to turn of echo on your Vaddio. “SerialEcho OFFr”

If you have a terminal emulation program, you might want to run that and send commands through that application first instead of Bome MT so you can interactively see what is happening and how the system reacts.
It may help you set up your command strings for MT better. For instance, I don’t think you will need a n character.

*** SUCCESS ***

I was able to spend some time today to work on this and am very happy to say that with the support and help from the group I was able to get this to actually work!

Some of the key things were me being confused at the initial commands being received from the Production View HD serial port. As you pointed out this was what was coming from the device as a response to the command being sent to it. When I made sure the command was formatted properly as well as the Note On matched up with the iPad App and MIDI Translator then everything worked as expected.


A couple of observations:
* It seems that the iPad MIDI Control Surface App note numbers did not match MIDI Translator. So a D3 displayed on the iPad APP PAD was recognized as D4 in MIDI TRANSLATOR.

* Another issue it seemed was losing wireless connection from the iPAD to the wireless MIDI running on the MacBook Pro. I just had to make sure the iPad was on all the time and not close it down or allow it to go to sleep or in lock mode. This made me put it on a charger at times and run the backlight at a minimum.


I will continue to add commands to help expand the functionality with this particular application. For instance, each camera has multiple presets where you can have pre selected angles, zoom, pan settings. The idea would be to assign the individual camera presets to a PAD to trigger them. I also don’t know how using an X/Y pad on the MIDI APP could possibly allow me to do zoom, pan and tilt controls for the cameras.

I AM SO AMAZED at how MIDI TRANSLATOR can be used. It is an amazing piece of software. Thanks for all of the hard work and vision you put into it to bring it to us so we can continue to do crazy things with it!


So glad you got it working Simeon and am happy I could help. Hopefully this will help production of your services go much smoother.


Hi Simeon,

Are you aware there is now a version of Bome Network for the iPad. Check the Apple store.