Ways to telling to MT bout changing in display

Hi… is it possible? could u plz gsve me an example of it? thanks

I’m not sure what you are asking. What do you want to change in display?

i need to control button that has no midi supporr on it eith one button cli k on my controller, so i hsve to use mouse click translator. but the button position is alway change according to the preset i choose… so i will prepare some mouse click translator… let say there are 5 of them… but if second translator has fulfill my need (thats only show on display dhanging) so ill set exit dan skip for 3 other translator

Well if your button moves to a different part of the display, then there is nothing you can do with MT Pro to move your button that I know about. However you can set up each of your presets to go to a different mouse location to click in different places. You just need to know where to click. If you are on Windows and the controls expose themselves individually, then there is a change that you could use injected mouse events.

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im on windows 10…what do umean withcontrol expose themselves?
heres another thing… it would be more perfect if MT can make non midi support button as injected button although was not before. thanks

FYI ive try ur recomendation above. but it comes to false clicking… cause i cant control each mouse position with just one click… while im out of button to Click… lol, thanks anyway.