2 Mopho desktop duophonic question

So I am looking to find a way to connect 2 DSI Mopho desktop units to create a duophonic synth. I want to make some big pads with big tails and I need more than one voice.

I know stuff like this has been done, but having 2 separate units creates a different issue.

Since the synths have to be on 2 different midi channels to transmit the voices in polyphony, how do I sync the midi cc messages so I can control everything from one synth if they need to be on different midi channels.

Is this something this software can do?

Sorry, I have extremely limited knowledge of how this all works, but I will be happy to purchase the full version if you can help me solve this problem.


Assuming you want the same messages going to each synth. You can simply create 2 translators with each translator output sending on a different MIDI channel. See attached.

Translator 0.0 passes through MIDI CH1 and Translator 0.1 sends to the same MIDI DIN chain on MIDI Channel 2.

Send-to-two-synths.bmtp (1.3 KB)

I don’t have your synths so I set up aliases.

Thats the idea - I think. I’m looking to allow the midi cc messages from one synth to control the other yet use them in tandem as a duophonic synth on separate midi channels.

If that’s what you have here - that’s gold.

Thanks so much!

You are welcome! Let us know if you have any more questions. In your case you would probably need only one translator on synth 1 (MIDI CH1) to translate to MIDI CH2 for the second synth.

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Hey Steve - I’m not sure why, but the program is not seeing midi messages from the Mopho. I have the globals set in the mopho to send midi cc messages, I have my Akai MPK25 as my midi in, but I also have the din from the first mopho set as a midi in. Not sure what’s happening. But watching the incoming messages it’s getting nothing. When I connect the midi out from mopho to mopho on the same midi channel they do change one another’s parameters.

It might be that the Mopho has a way to configure whether it is sending to USB, MIDI DIN, or Both. Also I think there are 3 MIDI DIN ports on the Mopho. One in, one through and one for sending to other Mophos. If using MT Pro, you should be sending to USB or probably using the 3rd DIN connector through a MIDI to USB interface into your computer.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz