2 Please help basic settings needed / push button / Behringer BCR2000 / Launchpad mini / CaptureOne

Hi to everyone!

Basic setting for simple Push Button on the Behringer BCR2000 and on the Launchpad mini neede, to be used in Capture One. Please see the "endless infinite rotation knob" thread for a detailed introduction.

Please see the button example . Preset Layer A Translator Toggle Note On/Off

You will have to set your aliases for your devices on the first time you run this project. After that you should be set unless you need to change your attached devices.

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Sorry, hadn’t the time to go any further with that, will continue as soon as possible. I’ll try to change the settings in the device first, than check the example actions, many thanks for them.

Additional information for this thread, so you don’t have to switch to the “endless knob thread” first.
It’s about setting up the push buttons on the Behringer BCR2000 for CaptureOne (or any other aplication).
Also I’d like to have the Novation Launchpad mini configured as well.
The buttons should give a single signal by pushing it once (on/off) or a continous signal as long as keeping the button pushed down.