3 Please help basic settings needed / layer switch / Behringer BCR2000 / CaptureOne

Hi to everyone!

Basic setting for simple layer switch on the Behringer BCR2000 needed (maybe for other controller relevant too), to be used in CaptureOne. Please see the “endless infinite rotation knob” thread for a detailed introduction.


Please see the following example. The translator under “Control” preset called “Switch Layers” handles the MIDI input and calls a timer “Layer Switch”.

The timer has to translators. Both look for the value of global variable gc. Only one will fire at a time depending on it’s value and will either turn on Preset called “Layer A” or “Layer B”. By enabling and disability presets, you can have complete different functionality (layers) of your controller based on the preset that is enabled.




Did this help?

Sorry, I hadn’t the time so far, but will continue as soon as possible.

Additional information for this thread, so you don’t have to switch to the “endless knob thread” first.
It’s about setting up the the layer switch for the Behringer BCR2000 for CaptureOne (or any other aplication).