5 Pin Midi in not working anymore

Hi guys, switched on computer and bome box. the 5pole midi in of the bome box not working anymore. not showing any incoming data. in midi translator pro the virtual port showed as open. any idea what i can do?

sincerely tiberio

the light right to the 5pin input at boombox is blinking. showing midi data is coming in. nothing arrives in midi translator pro. happened from one day to the other. yesterday night everything was ok


I'm sorry you are having troubles!

Could you post the project file that you are running on BomeBox?  Have you tried putting a static route between MIDI DIN in port with output to a Network Port so that you can monitor from your computer?

What version of BomeBox are you running? What version of MT Pro? 

You say the virtual port is open in MT Pro, what is the virtual port and are you monitoringan alias in the project file or the virtual port itself?

How are you attempted to monitor BomeBox from MT Pro?

Could you show me some screen shots of your BomeBox configuration. (pages below)


1) Settings (showing the BomeBox version you are running)

2) MIDI Ports

3) MIDI Router

4) Network MIDI


The most common issues for this are.

-No MIDI Route defined (either static or within the project file)

-Project file inputs or outputs not defined correctly

-Misconfigured translator

I have yet to see an issue where you see MIDI IN light blink yet the BomeBox is not recognizing MIDI. (but I suppose there could be a first time for everything).

Sorry for all of the questions but this is really necessary to troubleshoot your issue.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hi Steve, i factory reseted boom box. right now i am using only midi translator pro because of i am trying to route my complete setup (mpc, some octatracks and other elektron gear) not the boom box itself. now after reset it works after i changed input and output from the old alias to the reseted one. have no idea. thanx for your always help. sincerely tiberio

Glad you got it working.