A&H Failover script (timing clock) is killing my dlive C1500

Dear bome specialists,

I want to use your automatic failover script with my dLive console. I managed to get it to run, but somehow I think it is overloading the control surface of my dLive system. as soon as it is running the fader motors act up, when I am moving the faders. they are working against my movements and are holding the faders against my movements. as soon as I disable the script, everything works normally.

It maybe has something to do with the modifications I made to the script.

What I did:

  • I added some extra routes to the scripts, so that in a failover case all my needed connections change from computer A to computer B. (altered presets: switch to A/B)

  • Instead of midi timing clock I had to use MTC sending quaterframe messages, as in the program I use on computer A and B (Liveprofessor) I did not find that. I use a plugin called TLX Timecode from TLX20 to generate MTC and send it to the bomebox from there. (altered presets: option 3 - receiving from A/B)

in think maybe the 2 computers sending mtc all the time is too much for the surface?

how could I alter the script to make it work?
I attached my version below:
Allen-and-Heath-FailoverTiming-Clock_ANDI.bmtp (10.1 KB)

thank you very much,

The project file looks OK so maybe you are getting messages from you DESKTOP-541300 source that is messing things up. Also fader positions from the DAW on each computer may not be in Sync. Usually ‘Fighting Faders’ indicates some sort of fader feedback synchronization issue. Do you DAW’s. Is the A&H sending touch/release messages to the attached DAW when attempting fader movements. Does Reaper (I assume this is your DAW), react accordingly to fader touch/release messages?

Finally, the MTC between your MTC sourced may not be in sync but this should not affect faders but might affect other timing related activities between devices.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

dear Steve,
thank you for your answer. it worked fine after a reboot of the whole system. sorry for the hassle.

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