A quick thank you (and plug unfortunately)

I’d just like to say a huge thankyou to @SteveC, @FlorianBome and those who helped me out with testing on my APC40 patch (ARC). It’s been a heck of a learning curve and Steve, I think I am making progress with bit stuffing too!

If anyone has an APC40 mkII and would like to see what the constant onslaught of irritating questions (and the odd email (apologies Florian / Steve)) has led to, please take a look at https://www.theapc40extender.co.uk/

End of line.

(my bad of not yet creating a category for product announcements!)

In any case: congrats for releasing your product!

(and another side note: Apple stopped calling it “Macintosh” some time ago… now it’s just “Mac”)


Is the statement “End of Line” related to the TRON movies?


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It is indeed a Tron reference, and I’m that old that i think Macintosh sounds better (although I shall update it!).

Thank you lol

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