A special key stroke - holding down two keys consecutively

Good day,

I have a question. How can I do the following:

I am using Loupdeck+ to edit in Davinci Resolve. Now resolve has a special function to scrub the video backward and forward very slowly.

Scrub backwards: Hold down K then press or hold J
Scrub forward: Hold down K then press or hold L

I’m trying to translate this action on two of the buttons in loupdeck. However I don’t know how to make it stop when I release the button.

I would like the buttons to do the command while I am pressing, then stop as I release.

Is there a way I can do this with bome?

Thank you.

Hi, is LoopDeck+ sending keystrokes or is it sending MIDI?

If it is sending keystrokes then we could translate to MIDI or keystrokes but the original keystrokes will not be suppressed.

If it is sending MIDI, what MIDI messages are being sent when you press and release each of the 2 buttons? We could translate MIDI to keystrokes. On my copy of Davinci resolve, it has right arrow as frame forward and left arrow as frame backward on the timeline.

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