Ability to use Ableton push User mode and in Ableton simultaneously

I have a Push 1 connected to a bome box running an MTP map for it. It controls my sequencer (squarp pyramid.

As it stands the bome box is only connected to my Mac with Bome Network via wifi. However ableton wont recognize the Push port.

I have set up aliases to pass info from Push Port 1 -> over bome net work to my Mac, I selected Bome Netwrok input in Ableton. and have done the same with the output of ableton into the input of the Push Port 1 via the netwrok again.

Ableton still wont recognize the Push to allow native control. My controller still works to my sequencer.

How would i get this working? Should i set up a static route? Do i need to use the new feature of naming multiple midi device for use over multiple devices? any info would help. anyone else using a Push in User mode and in Ableton?


Could I show me screenshots of

Your BomeBox MIDI ports
Your BomeBox MIDI Routing
Also if there is a Bome Project running on your BomeBox, I would like to see it. If not, just confirm there is no project running.

Keep in mind if you are also sending MIDI from your Pyramid to Ableton Live along with Push, Live will not know the difference between data coming from your Pyramid and your Push. They both share the same network port. If this is a problem, we have a solution in Beta called MIDI Remote Ports, that will allow you to expose both ports individually so that Ableton can distinguish them, however you will need the special Beta version on BomeBox firmware and Bome Network to make use this solution. If all you want to do is pass data back and forth from your Push to Ableton Live then it should work if you define your BomeBox as the port for your push and have MIDI thru routing in both directions on your BomeBox.

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly mate.
here are the screen shots you asked for I couldnt get them on a single page so had to scroll through in each photo.
Also the attached project is running.

To clarify I send midi from Push Port 2 (User port) to bome box then out via usb to my sequencer. I would like to connect Push Port 1 (the port that controls ableton) to my computer via the network so Live will recognize it as normal and i can then engage user mode to access my custom controller which outputs on another port. Perhaps I can map the User button to toggle on/off my custom map so it doesn’t send to both as you say.

Thanks for your help mate


Queen of queens.bmtp (71.7 KB)

I can’t see anything wrong with your configuration, however I’m not sure whether the Motu is sending messages through to other ports. I would recommend a few areas to dig deeper

  1. Remove the MOTU and other devices from the mix (de-assign the aliases) to simplify the configuration so that you are only testing the Push path.
  2. In Ableton Live, make sure that only the network port is selected as the input and output in both the top sections (scripts) and lower area.
  3. Is Ableton Live reporting any errors? Do you have any IAC ports called “Push 1” that may be confusing Ableton Live?
  4. Is you Mac running any other MIDI applications (if so, simplify again by only using the Ableton Live Application.

Once you get it working by simplifying the configuration then turn on other ports/features one by one until it stops working and then you should be able to find the issue.

You might also just put an empty project with just through paths on your Mac to monitor the traffic between your BomeBox and Ableton Live. If this is the case, you would use MT Pro BMT ports to communicate with Ableton Live and the network port on the other end.

BomeBox -> BMT1 - > Ableton Live
Ablelton Live -> BMT1 -> BomeBox

At least that way you could see what is happening and whether any other ports are interfering with the traffic flow.

I hope this helps!

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Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

The other thing I’m unsure of is whether Ableton Push supports using the user port and main port simultaneously. You would probably need to check with Ableton on that. It may be that when you go into user mode, Ableton Live mode shuts itself off.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thanks mate. Couple of questions:
Should I use the alias ‘to mac’ via berts bome net to ableton? or should i use the midi translator virtual port?

Also I want the Push to cut off the midi to the sequencer when not in user mode. As it send the info out on two different ports i should be able to toggle the mute state of the channel if need be.

And in Ableton do you mean have the settings as in the screenshot?

Thanks again for your help

After a reset with these same settings i sent you its now working as expected!
Thanks dude

Awesome. I’m glad you got it working.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz