Ableton BPM value triggers

I’m working on a small project that is supposed to take the BPM value coming out of Ableton Live and turn it into momentary note data. I am not at all familiar with the rules language but after seeing a DJ having a similar use case, I think it’s possible.
I have included a few examples of what I’m trying to achieve below.
Thanks for any and all help and I hope that I have been clear and concise with my explanation!

if BPM=110, then send a 250 millisecond C4 note to [Virtual out 1]

if BPM=128, then send a 250 millisecond C#4 note to [Virtual out 1]

Something like this should be close but understand the Bome MIDI Translator is not precise at more than a millisecond level so the calculation thresholds of the BPM may be a bit off.

We achieve this by starting a 2 second counter (for better accuracy) on Song Start and we start counting clock pulses to determine the BPM. We set the current BPM in the global variable gb.

We use the variable gb to determine the note number to send (either 60 or 61).

Then we start both a note-on timer and note-off timer at 250ms intervals. The note-off timer is fired 125 milliseconds after note on

When a song stop message is received we kill all timers and send a final note off so we have no hung notes.

It is rather quick and dirty and again may not be that accurate in counting BPM. Translator 0.7 has rules to determine the BPM thresholds.

It takes 2 seconds to re-establish the rate (and note number).

For note-off I always send both 60 and 61 to ensure no hung note-on messages.

BPM-Send-Note.bmtp (2.5 KB)

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