Ableton Hybrid mode + several questions and Apple Magic Mouse

Hi! Just started to explore Bome software and set it up for my needs.
I have 2 Xone K2s. I’m mapping it in hybrid mode - most of the mapping is done directly in Ableton and several actions through Bome keystroke.

One of the issues I’m trying to solve - to have control over the audio clip (waveform) in session mode for zooming in and out. I tried to map ‘+’ and ‘-’, but it only works if the audio clip area gets the focus (couldn’t find a way to do it properly). The other option is to emulate a touchpad or Apple Magic mouse where you can zoom in/out with 2 finger gestures. I couldn’t find any settings in Bome for this. And it looks like I’ll still need to focus on the audio clip waveform.
It also creates another issue - I have set up navigation through channels with left and right keyboard arrows, and when I have focus on a waveform to zoom it in/out - left/right arrows start to navigate through an audio clip instead of moving between channels.

Long story short - I’m trying to control navigation between channels and zooming audio clip in/out with Xone K2s, and that’s kind of what I need for now.

P.S. Probably I still need to read all topics about Ableton, but if someone could tell me if it’s wrong to have hybrid mapping mode (Ableton native midi mapping + Bome keystroke) or if is it ok, in case I have only keystroke items?

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

There are a few options to consider.

  1. Some applications expose control areas on Windows. If this is the case for Ableton, you might want to try ‘injected keystroke events’. This is for Windows only and not all applications expose these controls.

  2. If you have a consistent mouse location for the area you want to target, you can use an additional translator to more your mouse to a given coordinate prior to sending the keystroke.

At this time we do not support incoming mouse triggers.

In general, a lot of people supplement using the applications native MIDI function with keystroke outgoing actions. From the application standpoint, it doesn’t know the difference.

Steve Caldwell
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Thanks Steve!
I’m using a Mac.
Can you please help to figure out how to activate the bottom area (red outline on a screenshot) before applying the keystroke? I will need to activate the top area for another control after that, but I’ll figure out once it’s clear how the area focus works. I was only able to find the X and Y mouse position setting in Bome, but as far as I understand I need to specify 2 Xs and 2 Ys to specify the area boundaries?

Steve, it looks like I made it work. I just set up the mouse location at the center of the needed area, and now it gets focused. Thanks for pointing out this option!

Hi, please find the attached. You will need to modify Translator 0.4 outgoing action to focus on Ableton Live on your Mac. I am using a PC.


You will also need to modify translators 0.0 and 0.1 for the desired mouse location in the lower area. It doesn’t have to be exact. Just anywhere in the bottom region. I’m using Ableton Live Full Screen on my PC.

// Click on Mouse Location third and 4th parameter is x and y location
Perform "Select", 1, 20, 403,924

You will also need to modify 0.3 for the upper area location. On my screen it click on track 1

// Click on Mouse Location third and 4th parameter is x and y location
Perform "Select", 1, 20, 456, 405

So here is what it does.
Translator 0.0 has ‘Perform’ rules that call the translators 0.4 through 0.7 with parameters. The first parameter is the function number I assigned, the second parameter will be used as an outgoing action delay. The third and fourth paramters are the X and Y mouse location.

Each Perform translator checks the first parameter to see if it it’s function. If not, nothing happens on that translator.

The then the other parameters are used to determine the outgoing action parameters (Delay, X location and Y location)

So essentially 0.0 with there Perform rules will execute translator 0.4 to select Ableton live, then translator 0,5 to click the mouse 20ms later, then 0.6 to sent keystroke ‘+’ with 40 delay total.

0.1 does similar but sets keystroke ‘-’ instead which executes translator 0.7.

Translator 0.2 will click on the upper section.

I used Buttons A,B and C respectively on the Xone2. You can modify the incoming triggers on translator 0.0, 0.1 and 0.2 to the buttons you want to use.

I also set MIDI thru paths so anything else should operate as normal (if you are using a MIDI remote script in Ableton Live).

Here are how my aliases are setup.


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

I set my preset device selection as follows.


For more information about device selection, see this tutorial.

Good luck!
Xone-K2-Select.bmtp (3.7 KB)

Oh and you need Bome MIDI Translator version 1.9.1 or later to do this. If you have an older version it can still be done but is not as easy because the ‘Perform’ rule and actions did not exist.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Thanks for a super detailed response, Steve! I’ll try this out and post an update here.