Ableton Link Support?

Can Bomebox generate Ableton Link?

I’m looking for a more solid solution to take clock from another device and provide tempo to AUM on my iPad (AUM currently only supports Link – not traditional midi clock in), while also filtering and translating other messages.

If not, is it on the roadmap or somewhere in the Bome-beta universe? I’d love to help test it out if so…

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Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

BomeBox currently does not generate Ableton Link. I don’t think it is on the roadmap either.
It can generate MIDI clock, however, with only millisecond accuracy using timers.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thanks, @SteveC – I figured that was the case. I tell you what, having Link support would make the BomeBox that much more attractive to future customers (I own two, I just don’t have them with me right now to dig in.)

I’ve forwarded your feature request.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:
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Hi @zenkick , thanks for the suggestion. We have Ableton Link on our radar, but would need to make it a more complete story to make it useful at all.

MIDI Translator Pro actions:

  • control Link operations via MIDI (start/stop/change tempo,…)
  • react on Link start/stop/tempo change events
  • receive MIDI Clock start/stop/change tempo…
  • send MIDI Clock start/stop/change tempo…


  • basic Ableton Link control from web config
  • full Ableton Link support using MT Pro project file

At this stage, this is not more than a vague intent…

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@FlorianBome - Sounds like a great outline for the backlog. Hope to see it some day soon – I’m sure it would be helpful to many, especially as Link becomes more prevalent in the networked MIDI world.

(Plus you’ll get a nice logo/link on the Ableton site. :slight_smile:)

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The addition of ableton link would be welcomed indeed…
awesome to know its being considered!!