Ableton Live 9 Orange MIDI Port

I've been getting Orange MIDI ports on BMT virtual ports regardless if it's connected to a Control Surface Script (in my cases Selected Track Control by wiffbi) or not.

Working on a Windows 10, 64 bit platform. Wondering if anyone has similar experiences? I can't get my Selected Track Controls to work anymore. Bomes MIDI translator was the heart of that workaround.

This is the official troubleshoot article up on Ableton but it talks about USB hardware, not virtual MIDI ports.


Screencap on my end


Tried the Reset All button over at the settings. Created a Project Port and loaded my Preset. And then I remembered while troubleshooting MIDI over Bluetooth I installed MIDIBerry (a Microsoft Store application that bridges MIDI over Bluetooth in a Win 10, v1709). The program was recognizing BMT virtual ports. I guess when it grabs hold of the virtual port, it does not allow any other MIDI applications (Live 9) to make use of it. Uninstalling MIDIBerry removed the orange warning on BMT virtual ports in Live 9.

Glad you figured it out. Yes, once any application grabs a MIDI port on Windows, no other applications can also grab it. I ran into something similar when installing CopperLan on my system. I ended up uninstalling it.

Steve Caldwell
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