Ableton Live -> BomeBox -> SQ5 not working

Hey guys,
I really dont know what I’m doing wrong.
Currently testing the BomeBox for remote controlling my SQ5 with Ableton Live.
I’m quite new to the BomeBox and Midi programming so I started with the basics, loading scenes.
With Translator Pro I just did a direct patch from MTP Virtual In to SQ and I works like a charm. I simply send out a program change from ableton to MTP Virtual In and scenes are changing. Not even a translator needed.
However, If im switching to the BomeBox Midi Port in Abelton, nothing is happening. All ports and routes in the bomebox seem correct. Same for Ableton. I tried logging the bomebox midi port in MTP but there is nothing to be seen.

It’s probably just an error 40 but I just dont see it. You guys are probably way smarter than me. I hope you can give me a hint!


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

My guess is that you are running on Windows and that Bome MIDI Translator already has your BomeBox SQ5 port open.

Please close Bome MIDI Translator Pro. Then restart Ableton Live and then you should be able to open your SQ5 port with Ableton Live.


Also, it would likely be a good idea not to have any projects running on BomeBox at the same time. It is possible but usually MIDI routing in project files on BomeBox overrides other routing.

Steve Caldwell
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Hello Steve,
Thanks for your reply.

I’m actually using a M1 Mac, sorry for not clarifying.

But it actually looks different in my ableton session.
It says only ‘Out: BomeBox’ for me instead of ‘Out:BomeBox: SQ5’

SQ is recognised and activated by the bome box and all auto routes are open.


The BomeBox Port is the generic port for all traffic coming into BomeBox and not directly tied to an attached BomeBox port.

There is a possibility of 2 ways to rectify your situation.

  1. Use Bome Network Remote Direct MIDI .
    In your Bome Network Tool, check the Box called SQ5 as shown below so that the switch turns green. Then you should see the port ‘BomeBox:SQ5’ in Ableton Live and you can select that port. My snapshot is on Window PC but it should look similar on your Mac. My BomeBox name is ‘BomeBox2’.

  1. If you don’t want to use the above method then turn the switch off and then use your ‘BomeBox’ port in Ableton Live. Then on your Bomebox itself, set up routing as follows. My computer name is called ‘Steve-HP-Pavillion’. You will use your computer name instead.

Either method above should solve your issue. My personal preference is to use method number 1 as it seems simpler for me to set up.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:
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That worked!
Im pretty sure I had it set up like in method 2 explained, but after I did method 1 somehow i got method 2 working as well.

Thanks so much!

Best regards

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