Ableton Midi Mapping

Hi, new Bome user here. I have been using Bome Midi Translator Pro to setup Push 2 in user mode. I've programmed BMTP so that when I enter user mode all the mapped buttons are backlit and certain buttons will toggle the LED colour when pressed (using global and local variables for each button I need to toggle)


Midi in: Note 0, any velocity


if ga==0 then pp=50

if ga==1 then pp=127

Midi out: Note 0, velocity pp

My issue is when I midi map a button in Live I lose the custom colouring for the mapped button. What do I need to do to stop the midi mapping over-riding the custom colours?

The workaround I use at the moment is to keymap the element and use keystrokes in BMTP. This keeps the custom colours for the Push 2 buttons.

Hope that makes sense, any help appreciated.

Well for buttons, Ableton Live generally assume either a 0 for off or 127 for on. What you should be able to do is to have a translator that takes Ableton Live value of 0 and change it to 50 (coming back from Ableton Live) and then let Ableton Live send the normal 127 for on.

So the translator (back from Live would be)


Incoming Note-Off MIDI CH1 Note 0 any velocity from Ableton Live

Outgoing Note-On MIDI CH1 Note 0 velocity 50 to Ableton Push

Of course you leave any Note-on messages alone as long as for you note-on color 127 works for you. If you want a different color, you would probably need to change note-on velocity 127 to output note-on velocity xx (where xx is the color you want).

Typically I separate devices into separate presets as well. That way if things change, you have less translators to change source and destination. You can change the source and destination at the preset level.

For instance

Preset Name – Push to Live and Push

Incoming Push Outgoing Live and Push

Any translators under that preset above will send feedback from Push back to Push and also output to Live. This would override any project defaults

Preset Name - Live to Push

Incoming Live . Outgoing Push

Any translators under the above would only affect the MIDI data coming from Live and only send that MIDI data to push (again overriding the project defaults)

On occasion I set the source and destination within the translator but generally that is the exception than the rule.

I also make heave use of aliases for situation where port names may change or you may be routing through generic port name created by the OS (IE MIDI Device 1). I usually assign meaningful alias names and then use those aliases for my source and destinations within the presets.



I hope I understood your question correctly and welcome to the Bome Forum!


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Wow, thanks Steve! I’m not sure I totally understand how to map the note from Ableton Live (I’ve only been at this for two days). I’ll have a play around with it when I’m back in front of my computer tonight.

I have different presets setup for each LED I want to toggle (play, bypass etc) but I’ll look at setting up presets for devices as described above.

So much to learn!

The best way to learn is to read the manual, watch the tutorials, and most of all experiment.
Feel free to ask questions about any or all. Bome is a very powerful tool and I’ve found one you’ve master it you can do quite a lot of complex things with it. Most people use it just for the simplest things such are covered in the tutorials.

Have fun learning!